Lakas ng Trip

Lakas ng Trip came from the Filipino term that loosely means “doing something crazy” but for this blog we would like to change your meaning of Lakas ng Trip.

Lakas means strength or power. Trip means journey or travel. If you combine the two meaning it would create the goal of Lakas ng Trip travel blog that is to empower you to travel. Our goal is achieved by providing stories, photos, details and itineraries for your travels around the Philippines.

Lakas ng Trip Photos

Lakas ng Trip Photos takes into consideration that almost all people are attracted visually, thus we put up this photoblog that features one-photo-a-day of different awesome images of the Philippines and the Filipinos. Hopefully, you will not only see the places in front of your computer but also see them personally.

Share Your Photos of the Philippines

Got a photo of the Philippines that will rock the world? Share it to the world by submitting your photo here.

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